Hedge Trimming

About Hedge Trimming

Careful and regular hedging and trimming of your garden is essential to its maintenance and includes roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees. The service also includes the removal of small bushes and trees. Whether you need us for a once-off hedging trimming or ongoing maintenance, we are available to provide a range of best quality gardening services. It is important to understand that frequently trimmed and maintained garden hedges, as well as formative pruning can become a time-consuming task – requiring a high degree of expertise and attention to detail.

We can also advise on best practice for choosing the best cutting time and the optimum size and shape of your hedges. We have extensive experience working with hedges of all types and sizes and are able to achieve results that complement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. We offer the highest quality professional We provide hedge trimming and always deliver results that exactly match your specifications.

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